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Allan Kemp

This website gives you a brief glimpse of my background and lists my working history, experience, and education. Feel free to look through my current resume, specific skills and I welcome you to get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

What it does not show to you is the passion, dedication, pride in quality outcomes, communication abilities (from Board level to shop floor) and problem solving skills I personally offer in my work – this comes from meeting and working with me.

I offer to you a person who has a working background (as a Senior Manager including 27 years as a OHS inspector) in workplace safety, investigations, training, industrial relations & staff management, investigations, fraud prevention, audits, training and emergency planning plus the day to day knowledge of dealing with Legislation and law, the various Government Authorities that regulate the law and the Industry and general public that have to comply with the Law.

Allan Kemp

Licenced Private Inquiry Agent in:
Victoria 697 046605

Investigations including governance,
compliance and chain of custody

I look forward to your enquiry
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Licensed (Master) Private Inquiry Agent Victoria 697-046605

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27 Years as an OHS Inspector and Senior Manager (Victoria and NSW) with experience across all Industries

Over 10 Years as an OHS Consultant and Auditor with experience including (but not limited to) Engineering, Manufacturing, Mining, Farming, Timber, Demolition, Construction, Federal and State Government Departments & Civil Works & Local business of all sizes and types (Including Wholesale and Retail)

Based in Melbourne but can provide Australia wide service to both Large and Small business
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